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Post for Leahpold 
1st-Oct-2005 11:21 pm
ah yes leah shouldn't you feel lucky...a post JUST FOR YOU...Le gasp...well for you and anyone else interested in Moon Child which I do not know anyone of..so blah.....

alright! finished watching it all the way through...

a bit too much blood for my taste...but it weirdly it was ok because most of it was comeing from gackt's mouth..O_o

umm...it was actually a REALLY REALLY GOOD MOVIE! It was melencoly at the very end...so like your happy but sad...^_^''

lesee...um gackt's acting was craptacular....I'm like god gackt you didn't even try...hyde did a better job then you...all gackt was good for in that movie was the comic relif...oh and there WERE alot of those moments...:D well more like sexy relif...XD also all he (gackt) was pretty much good for was wearing SUPER TIGHT SHIRTS AND PANTS and walking around in them with his head down and acting really sad/dramatic....and that gets back to the bad acting...BUT BUT!! gackt and hyde were like SUPER GAY COUPLE!! it was really cute

so Shmangooolezzz if you like action,adventure,gackt,comic relif,gackt,druggies,vampires,good songs,gackt,men in tight shirts,fish,token girl,gackt,SERIOUS engrish,lots of smokeing,paintings,sexy ways to get a cigarette,flashbacks,long abnoxious hair briaided and tied back in a pony tail *LE COUGH GACKTR LE COUGH*,Sweet but sour ending,great family film,bad but CUTE acting on the part of gacktr. then this is the film for you.

SPEAKING OF GAY COUPLESSS!! I was in Ikea today and I saw the CUTEST russian gay couple...and yes they were both really sexy....and they were like wearing really tight shirts..and spikey hair...and holding hands...it was really cute..but my mind was stopping the cuteness from comeing in..instead all I could think about when I saw them (and I saw them alot during the course of my shopping there today) was which one was the UKE and which one was the SEME....ain't that sad?
3rd-Oct-2005 01:18 am (UTC)
Gackt is in love with Hyde :D
but Hyde is married :(
and that's why he doesn't go after him, according to Gacktooo

Gackt's hair in that movie annoys me :(
He thinks he's so cool with his hair extensions!!
3rd-Oct-2005 08:38 pm (UTC)
yeah but the acting is like...GOD GACKT GET SOME SKILLZZZ then make a movie...jesus
3rd-Oct-2005 07:27 pm (UTC)
omigod, you actually LIKED THAT MOVIE? i laughed my ass off the whole way through...
with the strange drug koi, gackt's supermacho over-acting coupled with hyde's lack of acting ability plus a tragic VAMPIRE story..
what the flyinnnngg fuccckkk
i thought it was fucking hilarious. i wouldn't watch it again though.
3rd-Oct-2005 08:45 pm (UTC)
I think the plot outline was ok..but the acting sure sucked....atleast gackt's acting did...I thought that he was WAYY over dramatic...and those tight shirts...it seemed well atleast they acted like they were gay...I actually enjoyed it though....I dunno...maybe I got more than I expected...I mean I think I DID expect a REALLY crappy movie since well...did't gackt direct it and all..blah..but it actually wasn't that bad...so the acting skillz sucked but *shrug* many american movies have horrible acting too...so yeah..I thought gackt was more focused on being a "super model" in that movie than a ACTOR..I mean the man all he did was POSE...and POSE...like they were about to take his photo and never did...*le sigh* some people are hopeless..but his acting was so cute...for the fact that he was looking so dumb doing it...but ah I enjoyed it...you get a few chuckles from that movie..and then just see alot of people die...but that's ok..>.>
16th-Nov-2005 10:55 pm (UTC)

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